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In fact, the production-quality sets, makeup, costumes and believable horrifying actors had The Travel Channel calling this “the most over-the-top haunted house on earth.” Where Atlanta This place is so famous, and so scary, that Zombieland filmed many scenes here A lot of the crew members have also been extras on a little zombie-themed show called The Walking Dead. Cobb Life Magazine Year 19 - 2015 “Our number one pick is an overwhelming thrill-packed, supercharged Halloween horror show that has been winning awards and dominating Atlanta, Georgia for 19 years.

Each year the company focuses on a different scary subject. Every October huge crowds come from all over the country to see Netherworld and to soak up the combination of incredible production value and absolute nightmares that it provides.

When the doors open, about a month before Halloween, there are 400 seasonal employees on hand to help guide attendees through the elaborate scenes…

’Netherworld sets a very high standard for quality and creativity, and they also engaged the community by hosting things like parades and horror movie premieres, which is something other haunts hadn’t done, ‘ says Larry Kirchner, who runs, which in 2013 named Netherworld the most influential haunted house of all time.

“Today, we have hundreds of effects, including animatronics, projections and illusions, pryotechnics, a foam room that totally buries you, and massive walk through moving rooms.” Folks travel from all over to experience the macabre and screams…