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In my case I used Hirens Boot CD to boot the Mini Windows XP to allow me to access c:\windows\winsxs Made a folder in the root called c:\pendings and moved all files starting with to that folder, if you are a DOS box fan then the following is a nice fast repair...

Assuming C: is where your windows folder resides...

From Dev Ops to revenue models and customer support, the answer is yes! I deploy via Config Mgr The install runs fine - Windows reboots and annoying stage 2/3 out of 3 begins.

I goes to 100% in stage 3 og 3, the screen turns to "Press Ctlr Alt Del" and the in less than one second it goes back to Stage 3 og 3 Configuring Windows Do not turn of your computer If the user presses Ctrl Alt Del, the regular logon screen returns.

i simply disabled automatic updates until i can find out more about why this even happened.