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updating ie6-55

There is an issue in one of the components of IE6 that prevents it from loading compressed scripts correctly. You can also run "aspnet_regiis -s w3svc/1/root/My Web App" to only fix up the registration for your web application. Having isolated the problem I discovered through a comparison of my site's web.config with a brand new (working) test site that changing I solved this problem by creating separate ajax solution and copy and paste all ajax configuration from web.config to working project.

here are the must configuration you should set in web.config section was not required for me in Framework 4.6, and actually gave me an error when I put it in.

Was having a similar issue, except that my page was consistently generating the Sys is undefined error.

For me the problem stems from the fact that I've just installed the AJAX 1.0 extension for .

Please please please do check that the Server has the correct time and date set...


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