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He seems to turn liberals into gibbering wrecks of blazing fury. Not a minute of any day goes by without one of them being mortally offended by something. The wild, foot-stomping, shrieking hysteria that greets the President's every utterance and movement is beyond anything I have ever witnessed in global politics.

New York Public Theater has a production of Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' in Central Park featuring Caesar as a petulant blond-haired businessman in an expensive suit with a long tie and a flag pin and wife Calpurnia with an Eastern European accent and designer clothes The play portrays Caesar as a tempestuous, petulant blond-haired businessman in an expensive business suit with an American pin flag and over-long ties who takes baths in a gold bathtub.

His wife Calpurnia has an Eastern European accent and wears designer clothes. It ends with Caesar/Trump being brutally murdered by Roman senators who fear he has become too power hungry.

As his daughter Ivanka said today, the viciousness and ferocity of the hatred directed towards him is unprecedented.

Madonna started this disturbing trend by screaming at the Women's March the day after the Inauguration that she dreams of 'blowing up the White House.'Following this outrageous comment, which attracted global headlines, death threats were aimed at the new president on an unprecedented scale.

So the people around you will say ‘my goodness, what a terrible joke’, but that’s the whole point.” He added: “Bad jokes are actually surprisingly good at bonding people together.