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Murugan to death, it was fundamentalist Muslim groups who ‘killed’ Ms. A seemingly real news report of the event, accompanied by a gory photoshopped picture of Ms. Its impact was so real that her family and friends rushed to her home in shock and sorrow. It has become hard for the family to live in the community amidst all the rumours and suspicion, Mr. He greatly fears for the lives of his daughters and their children. Seyyid, a single mother, journalist, activist and writer, was barely 30 when she was in the eye of the controversy that forced her into self-exile from eastern Sri Lanka.

Her father Seyyid Ahmed wrote in his complaint in Eravur police station in Batticaloa in eastern Sri Lanka that there has been a concerted effort to incite hatred in the Muslim community against his daughter. She has a graduate degree in journalism, and is the founder-president of the Organisation for Social Development, established in 2009, a community-based organisation in Eravur.

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She fled Sri Lanka soon after, but the online world continued to watch her every move and hound her.

She has been warned repeatedly for posting photographs on Facebook of herself without a purdah.

Our dominating men have been successful in convincing women that these commercial products are a part of Islamic culture and tradition.

Islamic women have, therefore, started wearing them as symbols of their identity and also because they fear that refusing to do so would stigmatise them as unchaste, anti-Islamic and even brand them as prostitutes!

In Sri Lanka, writer Sharmila Seyyid was ‘raped’ and ‘murdered’ online on March 28, marking a new low in the history of intolerance.


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