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So if Ukrainian Tinder is nothing like Tinder in the West, your strategy should change, too. I would never tire of saying that – Eastern European girls want you to do the planning.

Here is a gentle reminder of why Ukrainian girls are superior anyway: Even when you meet a girl through Tinder, you will have to do quite a lot of chasing. Having her choose the first date venue might seem chivalrous but it actually puts her in a very uncomfortable situation. Well, because Ukrainian hospitality is a real thing.

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Remember, you are not only asking about it to get answers, but mainly to make Russian and Ukrainian women think, wake up their emotions and feelings, and, eventually, make them fall in love with you.

I get it, Ukrainian girls are basically your dream women.

It helps girls to relive emotions they have experienced before and fall in love with you.

It also assists you in selecting the person whose views and values are aligned with yours.

On , you have unlimited chat and mails available to you at no extra cost, so be sure to establish a quality connection before you decide to meet in person or invite your lady-friend to visit you.


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