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The Eastside’s historic landmark is a delightful date spot for some understated romance.

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With infinite date options in LA, it’s no surprise you’re feeling a bit stumped as to where to go.

You’re looking for something effortlessly romantic, charming without being too showy, a date that makes someone feel special but comfortable?

A critical work deadline came up and he could no longer leave L. He was in need of a surefire way to get out of the doghouse before ever getting in. Whether it’s forgetting to take out the trash (again) or canceling a date because of an avalanche of work, every significant other ends up in the doghouse at some point.

He could reschedule, but there would be hell to pay.

Indulge in a ‘his and hers massage’ and feel revitalized when you leave; it’s one of the classic date ideas: Los Angeles.


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