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It can be played on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers.

When it comes to online dating it's safe to say that almost every woman has their own personal horror story to share.

It is for Windows computers and created by Tycoon games.

You play a high school student stuck in summer school, but all isn't lost, because lots of pretty girls are in summer school with you.

I wonder, if the more you pay for the services, and the more screening process there is, if the chances of making a match is more reasonable? Who knows, we may see you on TV sponsering with your dream "librarian" in your arms? Having diversity of friends in my life, this seemed reasonable to be in this chat room. I am curious to have men and women check in with their preferences in that regard. I am on personals (to be honest it's all about having a witty profile and esoteric references in that forum).