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Als sie in die Heimat zurückkehrt, wird sie von Hopes Mutter angegiftet, vom Bruder der Toten begehrt und von einem Serienkiller bedroht…

Lilien im Sommerwind (Originaltitel: Nora Roberts’ Carolina Moon) ist ein US-amerikanisch-kanadischer Thriller von Stephen Tolkin aus dem Jahr 2007.

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She grabs Coco under the chin and the top of her skull as her prey begs, but a single snap of the neck silences her instantly.

And so it begins…round after round of the more experienced Velvets getting the drop on Coco and taking her out with multiple neck snaps, and even some overkill snaps to make “sure”.

SK carries her to a nearby couch and the interrogation begins, with Pandora defiantly refusing to give him the bank account access codes.

He repeatedly knocks her out, carries her (indulging in his own tastes), rag dolls her limp form, and repeats the question…almost relishing each time she refuses to answer.

Agents Velvets and Coco have been equipped with the task of training in a virtual reality program to test their skills against one another in a ‘no weapons/bare hands only’ rules contest.