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About the time when Trogus announces the “incrementa Dacorum per Burobusten regem”, we see Dacian civilization beginning to bear an individual stamp of its own.

Before this period the Dacians and Getae constituted merely a province of the Thracian, Scythian and Celtic cultures which were colored to a greater or less extent from their contact with the supreme achievements of Greek civilization.

to a broad and fertile plain with many natural defenses including the Carpathian Mts. Others believe they were part of the Indo-european migration that occurred around 1,800 BC originating from the steppes north of the Black Sea.

By the time of Herodotus around 500 BC, they were considered Thracian (Getae) and Herodotus lists them as the most populous people of the world next to the Indians.

The civilians lived around the fortress, down the mountain on man-made terraces. The archaeological inventory found at the site shows that Dacian society had a high standard of living.