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Other characters have had their own reasons for leaving and such, but the core dynamics of the cast have never wavered.

Not every show has a lead actor playing a genius with an IQ of 187 and a perfect, eidetic memory.

The original leader of the team actually left on his own accord because he was not prepared for the daily work within the genre.

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Without giving too many spoilers, some were driven by family members, some were recruited, and some feel as if it is their life's duty to stop the evil of humanity.

Many different cases have affected team members to develop elements of PTSD, yet the show never shies away from explaining the emotions of the situations at hand.

(in which she voices Poison Ivy) — Brewster shared, “It’s always hard when someone is gone, whether by choice or not by their choice…

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Seeing him age over the seasons adds to Reid's charming and adorable personality. Sometimes the action can be overbearing when other facets are ignored.