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Morrison paints the characters in the same long-limbed, high-stepping style he used for Jazzy Miz Mozetta.

His snappy illustrations, drenched in purples and golden browns, dance in their own right as they bring Sadie's multicultural world to light.

"I'm a hip-hop song that makes you wiggle./ I'm a late-night sneaky giggle," Sadie imagines in the selection "Daydreaming." While sometimes lengthy, each of the reflective poems contains observations both lyrical and childlike.

Sadie's everyday subjects range from wavy hair ("If you comb it straight and pull it tight,/ I'm afraid my hair can't sing") to her favorite things ("I love it when Pop calls me silly names/ like hula-hoop head and pumpkin bread") to her parents' separation.

Bunker's career started in 1960 when he co-founded, together with his brother in law Andrea Corno, a publishing house focused on the production of comics called Editoriale Corno.