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The Lost Girl was imprisoned in limbo (depicted as a hotel room), forced to watch the suffering her infidelity had caused on TV.

Meanwhile, her lover was forced by the Phantom to be continually reincarnated and to relive the story from the Phantom's perspective, as the betrayed husband.

It involves a movie star becoming trapped in the world of her film as the result of a curse, reliving an old story involving infidelity and murder.

Its tagline is, "A woman in trouble." INLAND EMPIRE premiered at the Venice Film Festival on September 6, 2006, and opened in limited release in the U. In late nineteenth or early twentieth century Poland, a woman known only as the Lost Girl cheated on her controlling, physically abusive husband (credited only as the Phantom).

Never make assumptions as to what they or anyone may be into (e.g., swinging or swapping). All BIE members are responsible for their guests knowing and adhering to the Code of Conduct at Meet Up events.


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