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Both men returned to share the bombshell outcome of the series.

It was the emotional ending to Emily's heartfelt journey to find true love, live, on 'The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose,' SUNDAY, JULY 22 (- p.m., ET).

[‘The Bachelor’ casts Rachel Lindsay as the franchise’s first black star] Viewers had just watched “Bachelor” star Nick Viall, a 36-year-old software salesman from Wisconsin, propose to Vanessa Grimaldi, a 29-year-old special education teacher from Canada. Essentially, the episode played out like an uncomfortable therapy session. ” Harrison asked suspiciously, noting her hesitance. ” “I mean, you know, I’m not going to sugarcoat things,” she admitted. Like any relationship, I’m sure people here could understand that and relate to it. Vanessa quickly got reflective as she told Harrison that she wished she had seen an entire season of the show before signing up so she would know what she was getting herself into.

The runner-up was Raven Gates, a 25-year-old fashion boutique owner from Arkansas. First, Harrison brought out Nick by himself, who uttered an unconvincing assurance that he was “very happy” and “everything’s good.” Then, Vanessa got a solo interview, and Harrison grilled her about the relationship. “I think I treated this relationship as if it was a real relationship in a very unrealistic world,” Vanessa said.

It was an interesting decision, considering Vanessa frequently expressed her doubts about the relationship, while Raven eagerly claimed she was ready for marriage. “There were moments where I had to understand ‘Nick the bachelor’ and ‘Nick the guy that I was dating’ and the individual relationship that I had going with him.