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Today’s optimized rights-of-way and operations need tweaks to function when speeds change.

Railroads that downgrade maximum speeds, for instance, must avoid traveling between 15 and 25 mph for long distances be- cause of the tendency of freight cars to rock and roll, the so- called “harmonic rocking,” that can lead to derailments.

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Enjoy them today, for they may be much different — or even gone — tomorrow. Lance VICE PRESIDENT, CONSUMER MARKETING Nicole Mc Guire CORPORATE ART DIRECTOR Maureen M. Charles Fink, Allen, Texas RAILROADS AND MUSIC The photo captions in the “Gallery” [pages 70-75, August] were a subtle way to remind us of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Bands current concert tour. Trains welcomes letters on railroad matters both in and out of the magazine. Letters cannot be acknowledged, and maybe edited for clarity and length.

Featuring daily excursions from your private train, the Golden Eagle.